Anime TV Series

T.P. Bon: a Time-Traveling Adventure

Unravel the Mysteries of Time Travel T.P. Bon follows the extraordinary journey of Bon Namihira, an ordinary high school student whose life takes a drastic turn. In a twist of fate, Bon finds himself recruited by a clandestine organization known as the Time Patrol. A Team Across Time This elite group safeguards history by traveling back in time to prevent critical events that could alter the course of the future. Bon joins a team of exceptional agents, each with unique skills to tackle diverse historical periods. Prepare for Action and Adventure! From the bustling streets of ancient Japan to the heart of groundbreaking historical moments, T.P. Bon promises a thrilling adventure across various eras. The series will not only showcase captivating action sequences but also explore the complexities of altering the past. Join Bon on his mission! Season 1 is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix! Catch the premiere of Season 2 on Netflix starting Wednesday, July 17, 2024!